This course introduces students to the language of business, as well as the main functional areas of business, and demonstrates how these areas interact to produce and market products and/or services in an economically viable manner. An emphasis is placed on both strategic and tactical development and execution in entrepreneurial contexts. The course also assists students in developing an understanding of the nature of the modern entrepreneurial enterprise in Canadian and international contexts, and of the tasks, practices, and responsibilities of its leaders. Of particular importance is the use of a capstone simulation - like the Capsim Strategy Simulation, but one geared towards entrepreneurial ventures - whose focus lies in the development and application of fundamental strategic management skills and financial analysis interpretation for decision-making purposes. The approach of the course is to challenge students to strive to develop a base-level competency in business principles which they can effectively transfer to their future entrepreneurial venture.

Requirements: This course is restricted to students enrolled in the 2nd yr or greater of their program, excludes Commerce/CIB.

Exclusions: No more than one course from COMM 103 or COMM 200/600 or COMM 201/601. No more than 6.0 units from any COMM 200-level course.