This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to and understanding of the human resource management function in Canada in the early 21st century, focusing on the strategic importance of managing people in organizations. This course focuses on the role of individuals in creating dynamic, successful organizations by developing an understanding of how the principles and practices of human resource management help firms to attract, retain and develop its human capital, with due regard to the importance of human resource management for all managers in an organization, not just those who work in the
functional area of human resources. In COMM 181, students consider their role as a manager in designing and facilitating contexts in which others can be successful, as well as are asked to assume the role of a manager making strategic decisions with legal, economic, and organizational ramifications.

Requirements: This course is restricted to students enrolled in the 2nd year in the Commerce Program.

Prerequisites: COMM 151 or COMM 251/651

Exclusions: No more than one course from COMM 181 or EMPR 230