Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) (primary degree) students may be admitted to complete a secondary undergraduate degree within the Faculty of Arts and Science (ASC). There are two options to do this:

Dual Degree (Concurrent)
A Dual Degree is completed concurrently while the student is registered in the BCom degree. For more information, please visit the Queen's Undergraduate Admissions website

Second Degree Program (Consecutive)
The Second Degree is completed consecutively after completion of the BCom degree. Learn more

Academic Requirements

For students enrolled in a Dual Degree or Second Degree program, courses must be registered under the appropriate program and proper fees paid. Fees are based on the degree program to which the course is registered, not the type of course.

Change of Course Registration

Students may not transfer completed courses from one degree to another.

Dual Degree students must contact a Commerce Academic Advisor to move any in progress course from one degree to another if the course is not registered under the correct degree.

Academic Advising

For more details on the Dual or Second Degree program, students are advised to attend one of the Commerce Program Information Sessions. Sessions are offered throughout the year. For more information, please contact the Commerce Office.