Mel Goodes and Warner-Lambert pledge $1 million to the School of Business 1993

In 1993, the Warner-Lambert company pledged $1 million to Queen's School of Business, making, at the time, the largest gift in the School's history. Mel Goodes, BCom'57, the company's chairman and CEO joined Warner-Lambert Canada's president Bob Clouston and top university officials on campus for the official presentation of the gift. During his visit, Goodes sat for an interview where he discussed his career path, his hopes for the gift and his time at the school.

"It was a dramatic time for me," recalled Goodes. "It was the furthest I'd ever traveled from home, and we had a tremendous amount of fun down here. And it was very challenging for me. I came from a background where neither of my parents went to high school, so it was a tremendously different kind of environment. I was stimulated by the learning, but also by the climate ... the school spirit. That's an important part of learning too."