Marketer, mentor, legend: Ken Wong inducted into the Marketing Hall of Legends 2006

profile from 2006

Ken Wong, BCom'75, MBA'76, associate professor and Commerce'77 teaching fellow, was the sole 2005 inductee into the 'mentor' category of the Canadian Marketing Hall of Legends.

It's Ken's ideas that have endured, and some even gained legendary status among current and former students, faculty colleagues and corporate clients who will forever associate the veg-o-matic with a classic Ken Wong moment." (He often used the kitchen tool as a metaphor for margin compression). His has been an enduring legacy, since the concepts he has pioneered through his teaching, and kept current through his consulting, have maintained their relevance over the years.

When asked how the Ken Wong of 30 years ago resembles the polished, charismatic presenter of today, Ken explained to the School's magazine in 2006 (with a laugh): "I was never shy per se, but neither was I a good, natural presenter. Presenting and writing did not come naturally to me - the content masked some very bad form."

At the induction ceremony, audience members were introduced to Ken via a short video, which featured a mock classroom scene, which showed Ken - an animated, expressive and engaging teacher speaking to riveted students who occasionally erupted in laughter.