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Jane Wu, BCom'12
profile from 2013

Jane Wu

With the launch of Penyo Pal, Chancellor's Scholar, Cansbridge Fellow, Canada's Top Teen Philanthropist and Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee medal recipient Jane Wu added another title to her collection: Chief Happiness Officer.

As part of 'The Next 36', a Canadian entrepreneurial innovation incubator, Jane and a group of other young entrepreneurs set to work developing Penyo Pal, a suite of mobile apps and resources that offer language education for children through games and interactive stories. After winning 'Best Overall 1.0 Startup' at Launch EDU in Silicon Valley, the team fielded offers from multiple eager investors, but had decided to attempt to go it alone.

"There's no better way to learn about business than by doing it," said Jane. "That's what Professor John Pliniussen used to say in my Com312 class, and I'll always remember it."

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