Ice Storm '98 1998

Kieran Roy and Shawn Rosemarin, BCom'98

The ice storm that hit the Kingston region in January 1998 was an unforgettable experience for all who endured it. “I awoke to sounds of giant icicles crashing from the tall trees,” recalled Kieran Roy, BCom'98. “Left without heat, water, electricity or phone at our house, we spent a night sleeping in the Queen's Pub in the JDUC before giving up after five days and heading out of Kingston.”

Shawn Rosemarin, BCom'98, also vividly remembered the freezing storm. “After attending a belated New Year’s party at Alfie’s, we awoke to find the entire city covered in ice. What started as pure amazement quickly became cause for concern when we realized the power was out and most of the city was helpless. After a night in the cold, a few of us took a room at a local hotel before heading out of Kingston for a five-day reprieve.”

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