40s snapshot 1948

Gerald Sutton
  • What was hot: the hula hoop
  • What was not: freshman antics
  • Favourite spot on campus: Douglas Library, a quiet place away from roommates to do assignments
  • Favourite Kingston haunt: the BA Hotel downtown (burned in the 1960s)
  • Most popular courses/professors: Frank Knox, Lorne McDougall and Reg Smails
  • Most common sayings: Spiffy, swanky, swell, and “He’s getting his degree by the sweat of his frau.”
  • Hit songs: Glenn Miller’s “Chattanooga Choo-Choo” and “I’ve Got a Gal in Kalamazoo”
  • Most famous 1940s grad: Michael Curry, who became chairman of the Toronto Stock Exchange
  • Fashion: fedoras; made-over military uniforms for men; Dior’s “New Look” from Paris for women. “During the war, fabric was scarce and skirts were short. When the war ended, fabric was more readily available, and longer and more voluminous skirts and dresses were the ‘new look’,” recalled Gerald Sutton.

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