Celebrating Dan Monieson 2008

Ian Friendly, BCom'83 and Peggy Cunningham,
profile from 2008

Ian Friendly, BCom'83 and Peggy Cunningham

In 2008, in the Monieson Centre's prime location overlooking the Goodes Hall atrium, former students, colleagues and friends gathered to celebrate one of the School's most illustrious professors. Dan Monieson celebrated his 80th birthday in the centre which bears his name.

Stories abounded of the profound impact Dan had on the undergraduate and graduate students who flocked to his classes and on the faculty who benefitted from his mentoring, from his first year of teaching in 1961 until his retirement in 1991 as the Nabisco Chair in Marketing. Dan's counsel and advice were sought long since his retirement, and his influence continues to be felt. His role as an active researcher and much sought-after consultant was also noted that evening. His consulting took him to exotic places around the world, and he lost no opportunity to spread the word about the work being done at the Business School. It would be difficult to imagine a more effective goodwill ambassador.

Longtime colleague Peggy Cunningham recalled Monieson's influence on her own career path, as she had initially made a decision to join the faculty of another business school. "I was all set to go, and then I met Dan Monieson and knew that I had to come to Queen's."

"You were a professor of immense talent, who cared passionately about his students and their minds. It made a real difference in many of our lives, and I suppose that is the greatest compliment that can be paid to any educator and person," said Ian Friendly, BCom'83 and School of Business Advisory Board member of his former professor.