Student Spotlight 2019

Aysha Tabassum, Comm'22,
profile from 2019

Aysha Tabassum, Comm'22

Hometown: Scarborough

Why I went to business school: While my ultimate goal is to enter into law, I felt that the courses and experiences offered at business school would give me the most options! Other degrees are fairly limited, but at Smith you get a chance to try a bit of everything, and develop skills that you can apply to almost anything.

One thing I learned at Smith I’ll never forget is ... It is more important to congratulate others on their achievements, instead of comparing their achievements to your own. When one person does well, that helps everyone do well, so you owe it to yourself to lift up those around you.

A highlight of my time at Smith: Attending Susan McLennan's talk for the Centre for Social Impact. I got to hear about how the woman who helped create Zoboomafoo fell in love, and I actually got to interview her afterwards!

My motto: “Even if you can't quantify it to put on your resume, anything that you love doing is worth doing.”

Best advice to future students: There is a world outside of Goodes Hall. You have the unique advantage of being a part of the tight-knit Commerce community, as well as a part of Queen's. Don't be afraid to explore unconventional interests, because there are a wealth of opportunities available to you.