Bachelor of Commerce Curriculum 1949


Year 1

  • English 2
  • Mathematics 2 or a modern language
  • Economics 4
  • Politics 2 or History 1 or 3
  • Commerce 63 (accounting)

Year 2

  • A second course in Mathematics or language selected in first year
  • Economics 10 (Micro)
  • Economics 12 (Macro)
  • Commerce 60
  • Commerce 64 (Intermediate Accounting)

Year 3

  • A course in English, History, Philosophy, Sociology, Religious Knowledge, Arts or Drama
  • Commerce 52 (Marketing)
  • Commerce 54 (Finance)
  • Economics 11 (Statistics)*
  • Optional class in Economics, Commerce, or Politics**

Year 4

  • Liberal Arts option
  • Commerce 59 (Thesis)
  • Advanced Courses in: Accounting**, Finance, Marketing, Industrial Relations**, Optional class in Economics, Politics, or Commerce#, Seminar in Business Policy

Source: Queen’s University, Calendar of the School of Commerce and Administration, 1949-1950.

*Students who have not taken Mathematics 3a should take it and a half course in Economics in place of Economics 11.

#Commerce 50a and 51b must be taken in either third or fourth year, and Mathematics 7b (Actuarial Mathematics) must be included somewhere in the course.

**Students electing an advanced course in fourth year in Accounting or Industrial Relations must have taken in third year Commerce 66a and 67b or Commerce 50a and 51b respectively.