Christine Vinette, BCom'09

December 07, 2016

Why did you choose Smith Commerce?

Once I had decided that I wanted to pursue a career in business, choosing Smith Commerce was a bit of a no brainer.  As a top ranked school with a four-year program where I could choose the majority of my courses in the last two years, it immediately struck me as the obvious choice.  I had also visited Queen's University before. I loved the campus and the idea of going to school and living in a close-knit community. Last, but certainly not least, the emphasis on the exchange program was a draw for me. My semester at the Chinese University of Hong Kong was an incredible experience. 

What do you enjoy most about working for Hugessen Consulting?

As an advisor to boards, we work for and report directly to directors and work on a day-to-day basis with C-suite executives.  This level of exposure isn’t limited to senior personnel, it is provided right off the bat as an analyst.  I enjoy the unique opportunity to have not only a seat, but also a voice at the boardroom table this early in my career. This has definitely provided me with a unique perspective and an opportunity to learn and develop my skill set as a consultant.

What impresses you most during an interview?

The candidates that impress me most during interviews are those who demonstrate genuine intellectual curiosity – not only about Hugessen Consulting, but about the world around them.  These students have had an impressive breadth of experiences, both related to business and otherwise.  Conversations with these candidates are the most interesting and enjoyable. These candidates are able to draw on their various experiences and have unique perspective and insights that can be applied to the business world.

Any advice to future Smith students?

Take advantage of the opportunities provided to you!  You are fortunate to be at a school where there are countless clubs and conferences and resources available to you.  Exploring these different opportunities and resources is a great way to discover where your career interests lie, expand and hone a wealth of skills, and make lasting friendships and connections. 

Has consulting been something you’ve always wanted to do?

My focus in third and fourth year of Commerce was finance and I was looking for a career opportunity that would apply and expand that knowledge.  Hugessen’s job posting was positioned as a consulting career for finance students and that, along with the niche industry (advising Boards of Directors on executive compensation) grabbed my attention. Almost seven years later, I’m still here!