Strategic Framework

The strategic framework for Smith School of Business was developed in consultation with faculty, staff, alumni, students and partners. It defines our purpose, priorities and approach.

Mission Icon

Our Mission:

We develop outstanding leaders with a global perspective, and create new knowledge that advances business and society

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Our Vision:

To be one of the world's most innovative and influential business schools


As Canada's premier business school our purpose is to:

  • Prepare students from across Canada and around the world for positions of leadership and impact through excellent undergraduate and graduate experiences
  • Improve the practice of management and leadership, and advance business and society through excellence in research
  • Provide excellent executive education to Canadian and international leaders
  • Offer our alumni excellent lifelong learning, development and engagement opportunities

Core Strategies

We will enhance our operations by:

  • Developing and leveraging programs and ecosystems that focus on quality and innovation, with faculty who strive for excellence in research and teaching
  • Creating and disseminating high impact knowledge that leverages our strong commitment to respecting diverse research paradigms
  • Engaging in strategic partnerships that enhance our program offerings and profile as a premier business school
  • Executing with excellence while managing risk
  • Moving quickly to seize market opportunities


We will advance our agenda through 2021 by:

  • Hiring excellent faculty and staff to support growth, diversity and inclusivity
  • Strengthening Smith research culture to enhance productivity and impact
  • Fostering a diverse and inclusive student community
  • Enhancing and growing the Smith program portfolio
  • Expanding Queen’s Executive Education
  • Defining, branding and promoting the “Smith Way”
  • Advancing Smith priorities by increasing alumni and donor engagement
  • Implementing operational efficiencies


Our Values will guide our decision making at all times:

  • Excellence, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Respect for students, faculty and staff colleagues, and others
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Teamwork and collaboration in a diverse and inclusive community
  • Collaborative relationships with alumni, partners and stakeholders