EDII Task Force

Queen’s University is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment by removing and preventing barriers to participation in all aspects of learning, education and governance. By attracting students from every imaginable background into a positive work/study environment, we promote a vibrant, enriched learning experience where creative ideas and new knowledge are generated.

Informed by diverse global, cultural and sociological perspectives, we empower the Smith community to thrive in developing open-minded citizens and outstanding leaders.

EDII is a core value for Smith School of Business.

Our Mandate

As part of our commitment to EDII, the Task Force will:

  1. develop a strategic plan that identifies actions required to support an academic and work environment at Smith that is open, accessible and inclusive with respect to many aspects of diversity including ethnicity, gender, race, sexual orientation, ability and socioeconomic status;
  2. define specific objectives with associated indicators of progress or targets; and
  3. provide recommendations for best practices, opportunities for campus-wide collaborations and shared resources, and the creation or modification of policies and processes to promote EDII.

A plan is expected by December 2020, followed by implementation.

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Responsibilities & Work Plan

The Task Force will typically meet monthly as a group and may consult with individuals and groups as appropriate to assess and understand: factors impacting progress, EDII-related initiatives adopted across campus, and resources supporting EDII.

The goals are to:

  • describe systemic barriers to EDII in Smith (e.g. policies and processes, recruitment and admissions, program structure) and non-systemic barriers (e.g. lack of awareness and understanding, attitudes)
  • develop and prioritize directives for concrete action to achieve EDII in:
    • student, staff and faculty communities
    • curriculum
    • policies and practices
    • physical and virtual spaces
  • establish an implementation plan for reducing barriers and advancing EDII as a core value fundamental to all activities
  • Identify measurable targets to both reflect commitment and monitor progress

To both expand Smith community engagement and accelerate progress, working groups will be formed to carry out specific activities and focus on key issues bringing action items, findings and recommendations forward to the Task Force. Working groups will involve faculty, staff, students and alumni.