Blue Sky EDII Projects

Support for Student, Staff & Faculty Initiatives

Smith welcomes project proposals to promote innovations in fostering an inclusive and safe academic and work environment in which students, staff and faculty possess a strong sense of belonging, and are empowered to thrive. Projects could include, but are not limited to, the creation of new active learning opportunities, teaching materials, resources, technologies, events, and safe spaces aimed at increasing awareness and addressing EDII related issues.

Submission deadline: 5:00 pm EDT July 9, 2021. It is expected that approximately 8 projects may be funded in this round.

Students, staff and faculty in Smith are invited to form a team of three to five members (with team members from at least two of the three groups) and submit a well-defined proposal (see submission form for details).

Selection Criteria

  1. Diversity of the team (e.g. includes students, staff and/or faculty)
  2. Alignment with Smith EDII commitment and pledge
  3. Innovation, creativity and defined deliverable(s)
  4. Appropriate means of evaluating success
  5. Impact

Selection Process

The selection committee will include three students (two undergraduates, one graduate), two Smith faculty, two Smith staff and the Dean’s delegate shall serve as chair.

Blue Sky EDII Project Application

Team Members (3 to 5 members)
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Project description

e. A detailed budget to a maximum of $4,000 which must include all costs including materials and services (see eligible expenses1)
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1. Eligible expenses include material costs, technical services, student stipend(s), limited event-related expenses. Return to main content 1