Queen's University-wide Initiatives

Queen's University initiatives include our Declaration of Commitment to Address Systemic Racism, specific improvement commitments, resources, supports, policies & procedures: Queensu.ca/inclusive

Other Queen's Faculties' Initiatives

Smith-specific Initiatives

Comprehensive EDII Strategic Plan With Goals, Actions & KPIs

Smith EDII Task Force and
Associated Data & Dashboard Project

Physical, Virtual & Safe Spaces Working Group

EDII in Teaching & Learning Working Group

Policy, Process & Practice Reform Working Group

Advancement & Alumni Engagement Working Group

Research & Thought Leadership Working Group

Commerce EDII Committee

MBA/Masters of Mgmt. Programs EDII Committee

CAC EDII Committee

Smith EDII Task Force Approach

The five working groups will focus on advancing EDII in particular areas. Each working group will have a Task Force member as well as Smith faculty, staff, and students, and several will include alumni.

Strategic plan
(goals, actions, KPIs)
Dec 2020

Smith EDII
Task Force


Smith Working Groups

Consult and coordinate with Smith program/unit EDII committees to ensure alignment and avoid overlap.

Physical, Virtual & Safe Spaces

Welcoming, safe, accessible spaces and processes

EDII in Teaching & Learning

EDII woven into curricula, increase awareness & recognition of biases

Policy, Process & Practice Reform

Identify barriers, mitigate against implicit bias, expectations/ conduct

Advancement & Alumni Engagement

Engaging alumni in advancing EDII, partnerships, student initiatives

Research & Thought Leadership

Promote EDII research and EDII considerations in research & its application