Committee Meeting Guidelines

In the spirit of mutual respect and understanding we note that in meetings on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Indigenization (EDII), we agree to the below guidelines for our participation in meetings and as part of our role as leaders in the organization and EDII champions.

  1. We are responsible for respectful interactions with all those present and those who may be away.
  2. We value respectful listening:
    1. asking questions before telling your opinion;
    2. no cross talk/interruptions;
    3. suspending judgment;
    4. taking pauses between people's stories/offerings; and,
    5. not intellectualizing the issues nor dismissing the perspectives of others.
  3. We value speaking from your own experience, speaking from our social location and associated lived experiences, telling our own stories, using "I" statements.
  4. We value speaking honestly while trying to be as respectful as possible.
  5. We will assist in each other in using the appropriate language, but recognize that this is a learning process for all and do not want to create barriers to open and honest dialogue.
  6. We will ensure everyone is being heard.
  7. We recognize that members have different experiences and comfort levels with various topics and that we want to foster an environment in which we can safely ask questions and receive the gifts of correction. We will assume good intent by all members.
  8. We respect each other’s boundaries around any personal information shared, and we will be mindful in our sharing of meeting experiences if sensitive discussions happen to come up. We shall continue to uphold professionalism as required by our organization’s policies and practices, as well as maintain a healthy workplace culture.
  9. We have a shared responsibility for successful EDII meetings and EDII success at our organization.
  10. We together must create a safe space for healthy, productive and educational development for all members.
  11. We agree to care for each other.
  12. We will recognize the power dynamics in the room and be mindful of our own individual privilege that we bring to the space.