Smith EDII Committee

Smith School of Business is committed to cultivating a vibrant, diverse and inclusive academic and work environment rooted in a culture of mutual respect and equity such that all members of our community feel safe, possess a strong sense of belonging, and are empowered to thrive.

In March 2021, Smith launched its EDII Strategy & Action Plan which foresees Smith as an inclusive community of purpose that strives for excellence, integrity and impact on a global stage. By embedding the principles of EDII in our teaching, research, operations, events, processes, and policies, and by providing the resources to support this essential work, the school will build a reputation as a vibrant, contemporary, multicultural hub of learning, discovery, and innovation.

Smith strives to provide world-class academic programming that prepares students to think critically, understand world views, value diversity, and apply their knowledge, skills and intellect in a socially responsible way. We develop outstanding leaders with a global perspective who contribute to shaping an equitable and inclusive culture in an interconnected world.

Our Values

A climate of learning and discovery bolstered by diversity of people, ideas and beliefs

A culture of inclusion in which all feel they belong, can participate fully, and are empowered to thrive

A welcoming, accessible, safe, and supportive environment where we celebrate our differences, our achievements and each other’s success

Open and respectful dialogue, inquiry and debate to expand our thinking, deepen our understanding, and challenge our worldview


The EDII Committee shall: i) oversee the execution of the EDII Strategy and Action Plan; ii) support Smith faculty, staff, students and alumni in coordinating EDII efforts across Smith and Queen’s; iii) monitor and report on progress and outcomes associated with the Action Plan and other EDII-related initiatives; iv) update the school’s EDII Action Plan on an annual basis and make data-informed adjustments where indicated; and v) support a community of EDII practitioners and the sharing of best practices.

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Authority and Accountability

The Smith EDII Committee is advisory to the Dean and the Executive Committee of the school. The committee operates by a preferred model of consensus; if consensus cannot be reached, varying positions will be presented/summarized. Notes from the Smith EDII Committee meetings, including action items, will be posted on Smith’s EDII website within two weeks of the date of the meeting.


  • Receive updates from standing EDII committees and equity-focused student initiatives in the school.
  • Help determine EDII priorities for the school and identify resources needed.
  • Coordinate the execution of EDII actions with other units or committees at Smith.
  • Consider the EDII Annual Report of achievements and progress on Smith’s EDII Strategy & Action Plan in identifying priority actions.
  • Consider any relevant matters, when requested to do so, by Faculty Board and/or an EDII committee established by the Principal, Provost or Senate.
  • Refer specific matters to relevant Smith committees or groups for review, discussion, analysis, and/or recommendations.
  • Form working groups as may be required from time to time to address specific issues.
  • Report bimonthly to Faculty Board and to Staff on the activities of the committee.


The Smith EDII Committee will meet regularly, every two months for 90 minutes.

To learn more, please see our Committee Meeting Guidelines.